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Want flowers that will never wilt?

Decorate your garden with these Artificial Chrysanthemum Lights!

Bring a kind of eternal vitality to your garden!

Let you enjoy the glamorous light in the evening!

You can search far and wide and never find another illuminated garden decoration as nice as these outside solar lights.

Fully powered by the sun, the accent lights automatically turn on at dusk to splash your yard and mesmerize you with 3 changing color Chrysanthemum flowers.

You get all this spectacle without having to deal with a single power bill!

Make your outdoor space an enchanting escape with the most eye-catching color-changing Chrysanthemum flower lights!


Installs anywhere that gets direct sunlight.

Chrysanthemum flower solar-powered garden/yard stake color-changing light has sediment stem will light up.

Perfect for decorating your garden, balcony, lawn, etc.

The light turns on automatically when dark with a manual on/off switch.

Perfect for use where conventional electrical supply is unavailable.

Waterproof IP65, as long as not being soaked in water.

It will be functioning in all weathers.

Last 8 Hours On Full Charge.

Optically controlled solar lanterns and wireless.


Size: High 80cm/31.5″

Color: Yellow, Pink, White

Led Lights: Solar

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