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Keep your valuables safe and hidden with our Secret Book Safe.

It looks like a real book in every angle, blend in way of the safe, nobody will discover it.


It’s perfect for safely storing money, jewelry, important documents, and other valuables!

WITH COMBINATION LOCK, don’t worry about losing keys of book safe.

KEEP VALUABLES PROTECTED from fire and water damage with our Secret Book Safe Box featuring a double layer of non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass. It’s an excellent fire box safe.


Main Features

Combination Lock
It has a 3-number combination lock to hide valuables safe; Perfect for home safety or for traveling with valuables/cash.

Fashion Book Cover
This book safe with a combination lock will easily blend in with other books or objects on any shelf or table.

Diversion Safe
This strong and compact steel safe is ideal for safely storing money, passports, jewelry, handgun, and more.

Indoor and Outdoor
Simply fits on a shelf or bookcase, or rests easily in plain sight on a coffee table or nightstand For indoor use; Good to store valuables when you travel for outdoor use. 

Using Methods


-High-Quality Metal Steel

-LARGE: (Length-26.5cm x Width-20cm x Thickness-6.5cm)

-MEDIUM: (Length-24cm x Width-15.5cm x Thickness-5.5cm)

-SMALL:((Length-18cm x Width-11.5cm x Thickness-5.5cm)

-Book Form Safe Box

-Black, BLUE, RED

Package Contents: Secret Book Safe Box × 1

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