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Kids Are Going Crazy About This FUTURISTIC Gesture Control Drone!

Unleash this high-tech Mini Drone using the power of your hands. No remote control or mobile application needed. Just tilt the watch with your hand movements, it’s so simple and fun! 

We set out to build the most fun drone ever! And we came up with PointerFly: an impressive compact drone perfect for kids and adults that’s a blast to fly. Our drone also helps users learn about drones without coding and flight education.


Take your drone anywher you want!


The pointerfly hand controlled drone with new technology that lets you land automatically when its on low battery without breaking.


The pointerfly drone is a great outdoor and indoor drone. It’s easy to fly, but it also has obstacle detection and avoidance so you don’t crash it into anything while you are flying it around.

This extremely affordable PointerFly is revolutionizing the drone market. It has precise flight performance technology that will shock you!

The drone moves through easy hand gestures that allows bold and impressive tricks like loops and spins.

Simply attach the bracelet to your hand and instantly turn it into a finely tuned video game controller. This is the only drone in the world that you can easily control with just your hand. It’s fantastic. It has a superior build quality, it’s simple to fly and is currently at a ridiculously low price.

Over 300,000 sold in 100+ countries – The “Must Have” Drone

Gravity Sensor Bracelet – The PointerFly is the only drone in the world that you control with your hand. The magic happens inside the gravity sensing bracelet. The bracelet feels amazing, it fits comfortably on your wrist. Easily use your hand gestures to perform bold and impressive fast flight reactions. You can even Flip 360°! 

Anyone can fly The PointerFly – A quick learning curve out of the box. Setup is easy, we even include batteries, spare propellers and instructions! In only 30 seconds you’re in the air performing tricks and pulling off the perfect landings.

Control without fear of crashing – Manufactured from high quality materials, made for hours of flying fun! It won’t break during transport or crashes. The fit and finish are truly exceptional.

Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor  – You will be amazed at how little effort it is to control the PointerFly. Turn on the built in obstacle avoidance sensors to avoid painful crashes. It’s perfectly designed for beginners and pros.

LIMITED TIME OFFER – The PointerFly has officially gone viral. Due to the extremely high demand The PointerFly will sell out.


Material: PP, ABS

Charge Time: 60min

Fly Time: 8 min

Remote Control Distance: 80m

Drone Battery: Lithium Polymer (500mAh)

Smart Watch Battery: 3.7V – 150mAh

Speed Mode: 3

Remote frequency: 2.4G


1 x Gesture control drone

1 x 2.4G Remote Watch Controller

1 x Battery Charging Cable

1 x Watch Charging Cable

2 x Extra Propellers

1 x Water Droplet Remote Controller

1 x Screwdriver

1 x User manual


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