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Make clean-up a snap!

Struggling to sweep the house evenly?

Can’t get to those hard-to-reach corners?

 Worry no more with our amazing Ultimate Broom! Its flexible rotary joint offers you the possibility to clean wherever you want without bending! 

Easily sweep fine dust, save time and effort! Its ergonomic and comfy design makes any work a piece of cake!

Unique brush head design, take away the dirt in the gap!!

MAGNETIC SUCTION CARD BUCKLE: Automatic magnetic lock, saves space, simple opening and closing, easy to take.

SILICONE WIPER: Easy to take away the ground sewage

AUTOMATIC BOUNCE and WINDPROOF: Windproof, automatic rebound, simple and convenient, refuse to scatter garbage. It can be placed anywhere.

DEEP CLEANING BRUSH: The 9inches long brush and 120-degree beveled design make every corner of your home clean.

180 DEGREE ROTATING BROOM HEAD: Rotating the broom head, user-friendly design, easy to clean the bottom of the sofa bed. Save trouble and effort.

STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL: No rust, resist pressure, and make cleaning easier.

I wanted a compact broom to keep in my master suite and this is just what I needed. The broom is compact and sweeps my hardwood floors very nicely, brushing very smoothly. The dustpan captures all of the debris, not leaving that usual pesky dustpan line! My DIL is a petit young lady and I’m going to recommend this broom to her as she is always complaining that most of them are too tall for her to use correctly.” – Shiela, 32, USER


Material: PP+Stainless steel

Size: 43 x 9 INCHES


1 pc x Crevice cleaning brush

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