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Make full use of these exquisite stamps and get delicious gingerbread. The recipe is here.


This wooden baking mold is engraved with animal motifs, and you can use it to make cookies or gingerbread.

Surprise your family with cookies or Russian. The mold will also be the best gift for any occasion.


-Non-Stick Baking Molds: These adorable baking molds are easy to use and clean without excess residue.

Firstly, you need to press the outer mold on the dough, next put in the inner mold and press down, finally take out the mold and you will get a lovely dough.

– The mold has been handled with a food-safe mix of bee wax and flax oil. Ideal for making pranks, gingerbread, and honeycake or cookies.


– Coated with natural flaxseed oil to preserve the integrity of its stylish look and functionality. Made of beech wood, flax oil.




Squirrel : 10*10*2cm

Bees : 10*10*2cm

Cat : 11*6*2cm



Pin Cones´╝Ü13*8*2cm



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