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📐Perfectly measure your projects!📏

Having a tough time sizing your fabrics? Do it right with the help of our 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge!

This handy tool features adjustable sliders that can be moved up and down to your desired hem size so you can create even widths

This multipurpose ruler can be used to easily create half square and quarter square triangles and circles of any measurement.

It’s lined with exact measurements so you’ll never make a mistake. It uses high-quality plastic for reliable, long-lasting use.


Adjustable Sliders – Sliders can be moved up and down for the desired hem size to create an even width.

Easy Triangles – Effortlessly creates half square and quarter square triangles of any measurement.

Perfect Circles – This can also be used to make perfect circles of any dimension.

Multipurpose Ruler – Use it for measuring, sewing, drawing, and other creative projects.

Exact Measurements – Lined with exact measurements for accurate sewing allowances for your project.

Durable Material – Durably made from high-quality plastic for reliable, long-lasting performance.


Material: Plastic

Product Includes

1 x 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge

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