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Material: Glass, Acrylic & Quicksand

Relieves stress & relaxes your eyes

Bring a luxurious & adorable look

Ideal décor accessory

Perfect for dance halls, bedrooms, bars, etc


Have you been feeling a little tired out of your daily schedule and want to visit a relaxing place where mountains, clouds, and sky are abundant?

But it can be difficult since you can’t take leave from everyday routines, and managing the budget isn’t easily possible as well.

Feeling in the middle of nowhere?

No, no, no – here is this 3D Moving Sand Art Hourglass to bring pleasure and relaxation to your life.

Simply keep this hourglass nearby and gaze at it when you’re stuck or stressed at work. The beautiful scenery view from this hourglass will refresh your mind and radically change your mood, letting you restart your work with renewed vigor.

What you’ll get:

Visit cloudy mountains: This artwork produces a full-fledged sandy mountain scene to take you away from your daily routines and let you visit your favorite location whenever you choose, right from the comfort of your own home.

Perfect home décor: This art hourglass gives a sophisticated and appealing touch to your home. It also spruces up your home’s décor, making everyone appreciative of your sense of style.

Wide applications: This 3D moving sand art hourglass looks great in any area, whether it’s a bedroom, a bar, a hallway, a study room, or somewhere else.

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